Trainee Assistant and Management Trainee Final Result

Date: 2073/08/05

This is to inform that Trainee Assistant and Management trainee final result has been published. The below mentioned successful candidates are informed to contact at Human Resource Department of this Bank till date 2073/08/07 along with attested copy of citizenship, academic and others certificates, two latest passport size photo graphs, clearance certificate of character from nearest police office as well as medical certificate from the doctor .

Successful Candidates of Trainee Assistant

  1. Nara Pariyar
  2. Lalit Tamrakar
  3. Rama Thapa
  4. Janak Bdr Bista
  5. Rajya Laxmi Rawal

Waiting List Candidates of Trainee Assistant

  1. Bhelen Bohara
  2. Niraj Thapa
  3. Ishwar Psd Upadhaya
  4. Udaya Karki
  5. Ram Bdr Dhami

Successful Candidates of Management Trainee

  1. Krishnananda Joshi
  2. Harsha Raj Bhandari
  3. Santosh Bohara

Waiting List Candidate of Management Trainee

  1. Mukunda Raj Joshi
(Human Resource Department)